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August 6, 2017

Daily posting, can I get a hallelujah? No.. Okay. HALLELUJAH. I got myself. I came across a tweet the other day that caused me to step back and say, “where did the time go?” Are you ready to hear it? Are you? Okay.

There’s less than 4 months left until this year is over.

My eye is twitching. This has been one of the worst years for me and I am not sure if it has gone so fast because of that reason. Yesterday basically feels like the first day of high school, 2012. Is this just a symptom for aging? Does time go by faster as you get older? So many questions but no answers.

Today is my 4 year 6 month anniversary with my boyfriend. Although some people think it’s tacky and stupid to celebrate month to month anniversaries, I don’t care. That’s probably why we are still together, because we are different than most relationships. I wouldn’t change what I have with my boy for anything.

– Pretend there’s a really smooth transition here –

It’s Sunday and this coming week is going to kick my small ass. I say this every week but let me just give you a small summarization of what I have planned as of today. Knowing life, about 100 things are going to get added on to my schedule. On Monday, I have a photoshoot and I have to send in my Etsy orders. Which I am really hoping I don’t sell anything this week, because I don’t need that stress. Well it really isn’t stress but it will be a barrier to wanting this week to run smoothly. I also have to make sure I enroll into my courses otherwise I can say goodbye to having an education this semester. Tuesday, I have another photoshoot with 2 people as well as a doctors appointment. Normally I don’t like to have any plans on days that I have doctors appointments due to the fact that I get very nervous to meet with my doctor. Anybody else? On Thursday, I might have to make a trip to San Francisco because I have to cancel my lease. My ex-roommate has yet to send me my form and the other girl, Laura is being very irresponsible. I put in a security deposit when I moved in and last time I checked you get a portion of that back when you move out. Of course you only get it back if you didn’t cause any damages and what not but that apartment was empty so I think that won’t be a problem. I don’t think the girls I lived with are going to disburse the security deposit that I paid for to me, which makes me quite angry. The 6 months that I lived in that apartment I was practically a maid. I plan on calling the office and reading over the forms when either one of the girls decides to grow up and e-mail me the form. On Friday I have another photoshoot for a party so that will be an all day thing. On top all of this I plan on going on morning walks and late night runs. I have decided to start working out and get healthy. Exercise will help decrease my anxiety and right now I just want to be on track to a better lifestyle. I also have to edit photos from the photoshoot I had today, the one I am having tomorrow, and the one I will be having on Tuesday.

It will be a hectic week but I am ready to not be home. I have been spending a lot of time locked away in my bedroom and it’s nice and everything but I need to get out. I miss being able to connect with nature and feeling the sun on my skin. I miss hiking and adventures that almost kill me. I want it back. I will get it back. This fall I am going to strive to be the best I can be. But, let me just worry about today and tomorrow for now. Today, I am going to finish my glass of water and end my night editing photos. Tomorrow, now will see about that if God gives me grace to live another day. May he do so, because I have a lot to get done.

Have a great week everyone!

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

– Colossians 3:13


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