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As you all may know I have a lot of time on my hands. I have decided to do something productive IMG_0008with my time and open up my little shop. My shop has the same name as my blog, LatinaShadows and is located on the Etsy website.

In my little shop I will be selling right about anythiIMG_0018ng. From clothes to makeup supplies to tea holders.

Besides the fact that I could really use the money, I really need to get my mind on something. All I have is time and it drives me crazy. I spend so much of it just sitting around thinking and thinking.

I am currently unable to work because of my health conditions which is horrible. The minute I got my first job I fell in love with being able to get paid for my hard work. I love to work, even though I usually don’t like my jobs. I applied to many jobs but my anxiety got the best of me and wasn’t able to go to any of the interviews. I am really trying to get my life back together and if opening up my own little shop is the way, then so be it.

The link to my etsy shop is below:


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