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Dear “M”,

I am not so sure if you read my blog, but if you do you’ll know this is about you. No hard feelings. I don’t have the will to text you and tell you that your actions have really hurt me. You and I are both really good friends and you are the person I go to when I need to talk to about anything. You are one of those friends that has never let me down. So when you message me inappropriate things knowing I have a boyfriend you are risking our friendship. As if you didn’t care if you and I weren’t friends by tomorrow.

I have deleted you on all social media and deleted your number because your actions have really hurt me. Asking me if I could judge you by the size of your penis or if I could send you the photos where I had nip slips, was beyond rude. You know I have a boyfriend but you do this thing where you just ignore that fact and act like someone that I don’t know.

You aren’t like this and I can’t be friends with someone who doesn’t care about that. You put me in a situation where, out of respect to him, I had to show him the messages that you were sending to me. You put me in a situation where I had him promise he wouldn’t do anything to you, out of respect to you. Yeah, I respect you after all that. Why? Because I know this isn’t you. I don’t know if it’s because it’s your senior year and you’re trying to fit in or something but grow up. Respect womxn, and most importantly respect your friends. Right next to family, your friends should be treated with respect.

We go way back and it’s going to suck not being able to text you but I’m not going to put up with you. I choose my boyfriend over a stupid text and you’ll understand when you get into a meaningful relationship. Enjoy your youth but also don’t ruin it.

You are going off to college in the fall and I wish you nothing but the best. I hope that life brings you everything that you can ever ask for. That your college experience is filled with drunk, educational, crazy, and eventual memories. You will definitely be making a lot of friends because you are a great guy when you aren’t acting like a disrespectful fool. Take lots of pictures and write about your experiences. You are going to want to have that recorded, trust me. Never stop smiling, because life is beyond beautiful. Be open to new opportunities and learn to look at life through different perspectives. And not just through different lenses but with your eyes too. I know you love photography, so don’t stop sharing your art work to the world. You are talented. I hope that you go back to being the old you, because I miss my friend.


Irma Hernandez


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