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Illegal Park Parking?

This story has been on my mind all week and I thought I should share it, because it’s definitely a good one.

So in 2015, on my boyfriends birthday, we didn’t get to hang out because he had school and soccer practice. I was devastated because I wanted to hang out with him, as does every girl with her man. The only time he was able to hang out was after practice which was at 8pm, so I took it. We ended up getting some frozen yogurt to go, because there was a lot of people in there. We decided to go to a park, walking distance from his house, and sit at one of the benches and just talk.

The park was located around in a neighborhood with very small streets so if 2 cars going the opposite way were on the street one would have to sort of pull over and give the other guy a chance. Especially since, people parked their vehicles out on the street making the street even more narrow. At the time I didn’t have a car so I would use my moms big truck. Another small detail you should know is that I only had my license for about 5 months and I had to wear glasses when driving any vehicle. Oh and also, my moms car didn’t have an updated license plate because it was being mailed. My mom had warned me about this before giving me the keys to her truck so uh… foreshadow.

I pulled into the street where the park was located and pulled over to park. It ended up being freezing cold so we decided to just eat our frozen yogurt in the car while being parked next to a park at around 8:30ish (pm). Within 10 minutes a car pulls up behind us with very bright headlights and they just stay behind us. I got very scared because I potentially thought they were going to do something to us. These people had there top headlights so bright that you couldn’t see the car at all. All that I could see from my seat was a bright light. After 3-4 minutes I turned to my boyfriend, and said, “do you think they are trying to pass by but they don’t fit so they are waiting for us?” My boyfriend said yes, so I turned on my car and began to drive away. I drove at about 3 mph because once again it was a very narrow street and I was in a big truck. I didn’t get very far from the car behind us, when a man wearing all black comes sprinting out of his car and in front of the truck. IN FRONT OF THE TRUCK. I quickly turn around to my boyfriend and go “what the hell?!” I look up to my mirror and see red and blue lights flashing. I was being pulled over by a cop… sort of. I rolled down my window and a women comes walking to my car while the male cop that ran in front of the truck is standing by the passenger door, where my boyfriend is located. I turn to the female cop and she says, “You don’t ever drive away from a cop hun.” Crazy me would’ve gone off on her because shining your headlights at someone does not properly signal that you are a cop. But sadly, scared me responded with, “I didn’t know you were a cop.” And she continues to telling me that it is illegal to park next to a park after 7pm. Excuse me, hold up. What? I turned to my boyfriend and made a confused face. I didn’t say anything because I was confused at the stupidity of that law that I know for a fact isn’t real. I was young but not dumb. She then asks for my license and registration and my boyfriends information. This is where I got defensive, because you pulled me over not him. I told her his name and then questioned her as to why she needed it. She ignored me and then I told her. “We are literally just here eating frozen yogurt because it is his birthday. You are by all means more than welcome to check my car for whatever it is that you might think we have.” I handed her my papers and she walked away. I called my mom and told her what was happening, and she got mad at me. My boyfriend was very afraid due to his citizenship standing. I was a very educated 16 year old so I knew all of my rights. The lady then came back and told me to hang up the phone and continued to say, “I understand you are just here having dinner but you cant be parked here. Your plaques are expired but we just ran the documents and it says they are up to date.” Right behind where this cop pulled us over where 2 cars parked next to the park, so I could tell her logic was wrong. She handed me my license and papers back and then tells us we can go. I didn’t get a ticket, which I am very grateful about, but she pulled me over for the wrong reasons. Well I was already pulled over so technically I wasn’t pulled over. Anyways, she could have given me a ticket for not wearing my glasses and/or driving with someone in the car before my 11 month license mark. But she didn’t so thank you to her. Kind of.



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