Dear Irma · writing

Dear Irma,

Hey beautiful,

What happened to your toned thighs and your calfs? You must not be running anymore, and i don’t know why you even stopped. I can see that you are lacking motivation and ambition… I wish I could do something to help you, but I can’t.

The bags under your eyes are very dark, is work and school keeping you up? Oh wait, you ditched school today because you didn’t feel like getting up and I really hope that doesn’t happen again, because you’re in college now. I’m in college too and I am writing run-on sentences and misusing my commas so i guess that makes us bad at English.

You don’t really smile anymore and you look sad all the time. I know that you’ve been crying a lot lately and I want you to know you are going to be okay. You haven’t made friends yet but it takes time, Irma. You are living in an apartment and not in the dorms so that is why it’s going to be a little more difficult for you but, you are going to make friends. You are amazing and a great person and if somebody doesnt’t want to get to you know you then that’s there lost man, shit. Smile dude, I just gave you such a cute compliment and i know for a fact that you read that with a straight face and I bet you still are because you HAVE LOST YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR. I’m going to ask you for a huge favor and that’s going to be to grow up and deal with it. Get off your bed and stop looking in the mirror so much, because nothing is going to change if you don’t do anything. Go out and do something and going to work, school, grocery shopping or to throw out the trash doesn’t count. STOP. DON’T SAY IT. Don’ts you’ll “start tomorrow”… START NOW, MAKE A CHANGE TODAY BECAUSE I MISS THAT SMILE OF YOURS.

Oh and another thing… Irma please keep writing even if the crap that you are writing makes no sense just do it. You are going to regret it in the long run. Don’t lose touch with your inner self because that’s all you got right now.

Okay well I am going to let you go now, but go look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful, because you are. Being those acne scars, pimples and makeup is a very talented young women who I am extremely proud of. Stay strong and don’t ket nobody knock you off your stage, because this is your life. Go show everyone what Irma Hernandez is made of. I love you. Remember, to achieve means to fail along the way and life is one hell of a beautiful struggle.




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