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Dear San Francisco

I hope you don’t get to nervous and start shaking when I come and spend the next four years with you. I come from a small city where the only shaking that happens is due to the cold rainy weather on a summer day. It’s quite confusing and you won’t understand and that’s because you’re from the bay. Just be good to me, I’ve been through a lot and I bet you have to. I am going to be independent and not have my parents around, so please have some breezy hugs aligned with boat rides to Alcatraz for me. You are full of pride and hey, so am I. I will be planting my roots into your land and embarking my presence. I promise you that I will explore every beautiful inch of your land, from your mountains to your oceans, to your bridges. I’ll be good to you if you’re good to me. 


A future friend.


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