Daily Entries · writing

December 6, 2015

When you think about loving someone it sounds normal and not peculiar at all. Now think about a special someone and imagine them loving you and wanting to be with you. For five years I have battled with depression and the last thing on my mind was imagining that the boy that sat behind me in band class would be my boyfriend. I’m not saying that having a significant other in your life can cure depression because I can be the first to say that there are times where he makes it worse. Imagine that you are washing a load of white clothes, this is the depression, now imagine accidentally putting a pink sock in the load, your significant other. The final product doesn’t give you all pink but it gives you a light pink, because it does little damage, or in other words, it helps a little.

Should I take the freeway? Should I take a side road? 102? West Street? My head was throbbing with questions. I couldn’t decided what route to take to get to Davis with my brother. I ended up taking the longest route and on top of that we ended up going to the Target in my city, after nine minutes in Davis. It was a boring silent drive while shopping, but I know that I was enjoying the little time that I got to spend with my brother.

“I am sorry things didn’t go how I planned,” I read this in confusion off my phone. I went over to my boyfriends house today to watch Project Almanac and things took a turn when we found out that the disk was all scratched up. I still had a good time.


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