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December 5, 2015

I sat there staring at the white board that read “9:55 am”. There was three more minutes until the time was up for part three for the SAT and we could finally take our break. I still had seven unanswered questions, but my mind was set on only one thing and that was the sky. The school  I was taking the SAT at doesn’t have windows and I am very claustrophobic, I began to have a panic attack half way into part two. I survived though.

As I walked out of my testing room at 12:49 pm, I noticed that a girl had fallen due to the fact that she wasn’t paying attention to her stepping. Why didn’t nobody stop to help her out or even ask her if she was okay? What has this world come to?

By the time I got home my mom wasn’t feeling to good. My mother has had diabetes for quite a while now, and I always get anxiety just thinking that she didn’t feel good while she was home alone. What will happen when I go to college? Who will take care of her? Will she be okay?

“QUE FALTA ME HACE MI PADRE…Y COMO LO VOY A EXTRANAR,” my dad sang into the microphone as loud as he could as tears rolled down his face. I don’t really understand why my dad likes to put himself through that pain. Is it because he knows he’s strong enough to handle it? Is it because he just needs to let it all out? He sings this song everyday in the shower and now he is singing on the karaoke machine. I dislike seeing my father put himself through this pain. My grandfather, may he rest in paradise, is watching over my dad laughing at how foolish he can be. That’s the type of bond they held. I loved it.

I drove through the ally again. My heart breaks every time I do it. Homeless people sleeping in shopping carts, trash cans, and boxes, dying of hunger. I want to help them. I am so fortunate for everything that I have, I need to start giving back. Everyone deserves to have a little happiness in themselves even if life isn’t working out for them.


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